COLUMN: Online School is a Struggle for Me

Michael White, Reporter

Working online has been a real struggle for some students, but has not been a topic for discussion. People have not really talked about the people that are going to be fully remote instead of going back to school.

School has been weird to say the least. Most people would expect it to be easier because you are just chilling on your couch and watching your class, it is easy. If passing the class is something you want, then you must work hard.

The teachers have a lot more trouble trying to teach classes. They must rotate around the classroom making sure the students are understanding it and leaving their tablets behind. The students online cannot hear the teacher, and the teacher is not near the tablet so students cannot ask questions. It is almost impossible for students online to learn proficiently in class.

For example, Levi Pyron, teaches pre-calculus. He has most of his students in class and some students at home. Like me. During class Pyron tries to get to all the content needed, but it is nearly impossible. He must talk to people online while also talking to people in class.

What I do most of the time is take notes in class and take what we learned and do a lot of practice problems. Then if I do not understand something, I go to tutoring.

A big issue for me is that everyone else can hear me when I ask a question. So, it makes me feel bad about not understanding, which is the negative of being online. Normally, the semi-private conversation between my teacher and I, would help me understand what I need to know and now it just embarrasses me.

Even though that is a negative, I feel like my communication skills and self-confidence have improved by being online. If you are an antisocial person like I am, then talking is not your strong suit.  The forced communication has helped me for the better.