EDITORIAL: Honors, AP Classes are not worth its weight


Teachers encourage students to take as many Advance Placement and honors classes as they can, their GPA get boosted; they learn new skills and challenge themselves. These students often get noticed by colleges due to their grades, GPA, and records in school.

While there are plenty of benefits to taking these classes, taking too many might harm an individual more than it benefits them. All-nighters, taking heaps of notes and abundant stress are very common, not only that, it’s more time consuming than the regular classes.  Students take these classes in order to get their GPA higher or to challenge themselves. This leads to them failing and falling behind most of the time, which could drop them to regular.

The stress that comes with taking honors and AP classes are quite high and sometimes it feels like you’re only taking the class to pass and not learn anything in the process. So, falling behind makes the class harder than it might already be.

All-nighters are very frequent and doing this frequently can cause students to be sleep deprived and lack of attention in class.

Also, cramming everything in makes them understand less or turn in a bad final product most of the time. Students are not learning anything at most and is only memorizing the things that they can remember.