EDITORIAL: Texas need more leadership

Benson High News Staff, Reporter

     The Texas winter storms were a great tragedy. They were unprepared for the storm that hit and the people’s leader senator Ted Cruz. Left when he was needed the most. 

In Texas, there was a recent outburst of snow storms that caused people to lose powerpipes to burst and icy roads. Texas’s has not experienced weather like this in over a decade. 

The houses were built for summer like weather. Not pounds of snow piling on top of each other. Along with that the pipes didn’t have any heating system, so they froze, then burst causing a lot of homes to be destroyed as well as not having heating and air to be distributed throughout homes.  

Texas did not do anything to prepare for this storm even though it was a possibility. Some people would call it bad luck, I would call it bad political leaders. 

I think that as a leader it is your responsibility to take care of your citizens. It would make no sense at all for a leader to leave during one of the biggest crises to hit Texas for a few years now. 

It just shows how irresponsible Cruz was in this situation. He can say all that he wants, but at the end of the day, he shouldn’t have left. 

“Since you are a political figure, it would make sense that you would listen to your citizens and stand by your citizens,” junior Ayanna Robinson said. “So then how have the citizens of Texas been saying for years the government needs to be prepared for this and they still aren’t?” 

Texas has never been a real snow state. Most of the time there are droughts and scorching hot sun, so when a winter storm came around, it was no surprise that catastrophic things happened. For example, if a house with tons of windows and sliding doors will not hold against 10 inches of snow.