COLUMN: New President, New Hope

Warren Sharp, Columnist

Having a new president feels good.

It feels like change is finally coming . Like I can finally be secure in my skin and embrace its color. As a black male in America I grew up not really feeling like I fitted in anywhere, but now with diversity in office it feels as if I finally can belong anywhere. It feels like I will finally have a equal chance at being successful in this country again.

I know that it will take time for this change to happen, but hopefully the next four years will be a period of time we’re America grows closer as a country and the political divide that previously tore the country apart is vanquished. This country will never be perfect and, never has been, but it can be better if we all just open our minds to different ways of thinking. Comprising can be the best thing for a country.

Kamala Harris is an inspiration too. It was finally time for a woman to be in office and we have a great one there now. The is showing that America is becoming a progressive minded country. We need more milestones like this to push America in the direction of a equal, fair and just future.

Honestly, the whole structure of politics disappoints me. They were meant to bring us together, yet all they have done in the last four years is tear us apart. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will hopefully be able to mend this country together. Or we could work on fixing ourselves as a country and make this process go by a bit faster.