It Will Touch Your “Soul”

JaVell Mapp-David, Reporter

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of life? The movie Soul” is an animated movie with celebrities voices. It is based on a man named Joe played by the voice of Jamie Fox. Joe was a music teacher, but he wanted to be a jazz player really badly ever since his dad took him downtown to see a performance at The Half Note jazz club when he was a boy.  

Joe kinds of reminds me of a big kid because he’s a grown man and he still hides things from his mom who voice is played by Angela Basset. His mom is very opinionated. She does not approve of Joe being a Jazz player, so he does not feel comfortable talking to his mom about his plans.  

Joe finally gets his big break and right after finding out he’s going to perform with big Jazz legend Dorothea Williams, something happens to Joe. Joe falls into manhole and he supposedly passes away. Joe is not happy with going to heaven right now. 

 He is not done with life and he still wants to perform. He does everything in his power to get back to the real world to perform. This movie is somewhat spiritual because it’s showing the viewers that no matter what we want to do in life or after life we sometimes can’t make the decision for ourselves.  

This movie goes into detail and shows us what life without a purpose looks like. Number 22 will know all too well the meaning of life without a purpose. Number 22 is a character played by Tina Fey. Number 22 has not been born yet and is trying to find her purpose in life. 

 Joe and number 22 go on this amazing wild adventure and eventually they help out each other. Sometimes we want things so badly in life and we will do whatever is necessary to get what we want. When we get what we have been wanting and life changes, we realize we were chasing something that we do not really want.  

This movie really makes a person re-evaluate their life and consider being content with what is right in front of you. It reminds me of a kid that wants a toy so badly. The kid may cry or do extra chores for this toy. When the kid finally gets this toy, they have been desperately want it 

They may play with it for a couple of days and forget all about it. After having the toy, they figured out that the toy was not all that. This is Joe was after he performed with Dorothea Willams, he was not happy. He realized playing Jazz was not all that like he thought it was.