COLUMN: Cancel Culture

Michael White, Reporter

I think that in this world today cancel culture is one of the many things that just do not make sense to me. Forever people will tell you what they thought was right at the time. They think that the person doing the bad things will forever be a good thing. In most circumstances they are right to cancel people because they are horrible peopleBut some of the things they do is wrong 

Cancel culture is basically when people do bad things and thousands of people go against them to get them off the internet. It is just modern-day ostracism. When these people are kicked out of this circle on the internet, they are considered cancelled.  

Some good examples of great cancel culture moments are the recently canceled James Charles. He was outed as a child predator multiple timesFinally, everyone was done with is and he was cancelled. David Dobrik was canceled for trying to cover up the SA allegations against his former Vlog Squad member “Dirty” Dom. 

Sometimes that is not a good thing because they get it wrong sometimes and that messes with somebody’s mind. For example, Gabbie Hanna. Gabbie Hanna is a singer-songwriter and online personality. She has always been seen as unstable and violent. A lot of people have bullied her for years and that messed with her mind 

So, with these examples in mind, I still do not get why people think that cancel culture is a good thing. I think that when people do bad things, they should be held accountable. Like if you were caught talking to a minor you would be sentenced to up to 10 years of jail time. But somehow it has become the internet’s job to police people.  

“It is crazy to me that a bunch of 12-year old children have the power to decide somebody’s life,” sophomore Trevor Johnson said. “They really should just call the police or something instead of getting into somebody else’s life.”