Welcoming the new fluffle

Anthony Arenas-Rubiales, Eiditor and Chief of the Newspaper

The Class of 2023 are just a couple of steps closer to their first day of high school.
Many have already chosen what school they will attend and what classes that they will take. But where are the freshman that are going to Benson High School coming from?
There is a rough estimate of about 401 freshman students who could be coming to Benson for the 2019-2020 school year.
Usually, most students coming to Benson will be from Monroe Middle School, however, this upcoming school year, students from Monroe entering Benson will be the lower than the average school year class.
Lewis and Clark and Nathan Hale middle school are also in the top three schools with the most students enrolling in Benson.
But who are the students?
“I feel excited about becoming a freshman at Benson High school,” 8 grade Monroe student Ko Ro Soe said. “I look forward to working with other students and new classmates and I really hope to learn new things that I have not learned in middle school.”
But not all 8 grade students feel the same about high school. Some are a bit nervous or even scared.
“I am a little frightened to restart all over as being the youngest in the school and all the work I will have to do to accomplish my goals,” 8 grade student Aniyah Skipper saie. “I think I am ready to tackle this obstacle head on.”
While Skipper might be nervous by restarting at a whole new school, she is looking forward to all the new things that will be available to her.
“I am looking forward to all the future opportunities in front of me, like meeting new people,” Skipper said. “Since I have made the cheerleading team, I am very excited to cheer at the games.”
As we prepare for next year and all the academics problems that some kids will face, we should also prepare for a new class that’ll in walk in the school building.
“I plan to make my freshman year the best and I am looking forward to the fun experience,” Skipper said.