Traveling 101: travel tips from a professional

Anthony Arenas-Rubiales, Eiditor and Chief of the Newspaper

As summer vacation is almost here many will want to go out and explore new cities and countries.
For some, it could be for their first time, you might be nervous about going to a new city that you haven’t stepped in but there’s no need to worry.
As you try new things you’ll learn how to do them as well.
But along the way, asking for help is a completely normal thing to do.
Here I’ll give some advice to have a great, fun and safe travel experience.
When purchasing your tickets make sure it’s all worth the price. You might find some that are on the low side but it could probably be a bad airline, paying that extra $50-$100 for another flight/airline can totally change the game and experience.
If your ticket has layover make sure each layover is enough time to transfer gates and sometimes immigration.
You might not even step a foot out of the airport but some airports do require that everybody flying in from a different country go through immigration.
Some ways they can change your experience is; legroom, entertainment options, and even food.
I’ve had friends who’ve flown with airlines that didn’t even serve food for a 12 hour flight. So make sure what you’re paying is worth the flight.
After purchasing your tickets, the next step it to wait for the big day.
Which can feel like it’s a long time away, however time can fly past your eyes and all of a sudden your flight could be tomorrow. So make sure that you have everything prepared.
When you’re going to a different country, exchanging money at the airport can be expensive and they could give you less. When I traveled to Ukraine the exchange rate for the U.S. dollar at the airport was 18 hryvnias.
Best bet is to find a local bank in the city to exchange your money, that’s what we did and got 27 hryvnias per $1.
Some other examples are when I go to Mexico.
The peso in the airport could be 15 per each U.S dollar, however when exchanging it to a local bank when got 20 pesos for each dollar.
Or in Turkey, where they had many exchange booths with different exchange rates for each.
Another tip with money is to never carry all of it with you.
Leave some in a safe in the hotel room and carry the rest with you, always limit yourself.
When traveling to new places, you shouldn’t be scared to try new things. Overall, that’s what make your travel experience a more memorable trip that will always leave an ever-lasting impression.
An example could be when I go to Chicago; every time my family and I go to Chicago, we try our best to stop by different types of restaurants that carry food that we haven’t tried.
This enhances our family time and our knowledge of cultural foods.
Another tip is not booking a hotel right in the downtown area.
Booking hotels right in the main district are more expensive and sometimes not even worth the price.
When I traveled to Ukraine, we booked a hotel about a 25-minute walk from downtown.
The hotel was clean, well maintained, and had a large variety on breakfast, it was also way cheaper than the other hotels in the downtown area.
Overall, the most important part of being on a trip is having fun.
Explore and get lost in the city, trust me, it may sound scary but it’s all worth it.