Benson graduate gets a contract

Anthony Arenas-Rubiales, Eiditor and Chief of the Newspaper

Benson graduate from the class of 2016, Ja-Waun Moore, played basketball while he was a student.
When he graduated, he went to study further at Northwest Tech College in Kansas.
While studying at Northwest Tech College he played basketball for junior year, he finished his degree in medical assistance.
After getting his medical license he trained for basketball for two more years.
“Sometimes during the day, I’d go to the gym two times a day,” Moore said. “One in the morning before work and the other after work.”
After his two years of practicing and working hard, he reapplied to go back to college, this time for basketball.
He applied for every NAIA college in the nation.
Many schools around the nation had lots of interest in Moore but he had felt on edge when he had the time to think about each college.
“I turned all [colleges] down, I had a couple of them on the edge before I turned them down,” Moore said. “The best was yet was the Baltimore one in Maryland.”
However, Moore also ended up turning down the college that was in Baltimore.
“I didn’t feel like they were the one’s for me,” Moore said. “They gave me a vibe that I didn’t like.”
Later in the year Moore had received another interest from another college, but this time it was a bit closer to home.
“The first offer of this year for 4 year was York college,” Moore said. “The second offer was at Nebraska Western which is not right now, but during the time, they were the defending their third championships.”
Moore had a choice between too colleges and while dealing with all of this he also had a job opportunity to choose from.
“I also had the job opportunity [Nebraska medicine] and as someone from North Omaha it was a pretty big deal,” said Moore. “It’s hard to get this type of a job opportunity. It was really a blessing.”
At the very end Ja-Waun Moore had chosen York College.