Anthony Arenas-Rubiales, Eiditor and Chief of the Newspaper

As news broke out on May 1st, many in the metropolitan area of Omaha-Council Bluffs area will soon learn about Omaha’s new sport team.
Gary Green, who is the owns the minor league baseball team, Omaha storm chasers, was gifted a league one United Soccer League. They plan to roll out games by March of 2020.
Many people around the city had many opinions about it, some expressed acceptance for the team while others didn’t really care or thought that the team is not going to do well.
Another question that is floating around many people’s heads is, where will they play?
Will they build a new soccer stadium?
Warner Park owner Gary Green explained to the Omaha World Herald that the games are going to be held at Werner Park Stadium.
Renovations will be added to the stadium to better suit the new soccer team.
New locker rooms and offices will also be added to the park. During the soccer matches, the diamond field will be covered.
All new renovations will cost about 2.2 million dollars.
At the moment, many officials don’t have a team color, team name, nor a team logo picked out.
However, they plan to announce their official decisions in the upcoming future.
The head coach for the team was announced as Jason Mims, who was the head coach for men’s soccer at UNO.
Mim’s is a known local at the UNO campus as he created the Division 1 men’s soccer program at UNO.
All games for next year should run from $16-$22 for basic Admission. To find out more go to