Panera’s a proven winner

Anthony Arenas-Rubiales, Eiditor and Chief of the Newspaper

     There are countless of restaurants that you probably pass daily without even thinking of trying it out. Many don’t think cafe’s are a good place to hit up when you’re looking for a place to eat. 

     People could think that they probably only sell coffee. Well there is more than coffee when you go out and eat at Panera Bread. 

     The café restaurant Panera Bread sells meals in which you could probably get filled up with, I for sure did! Having a verity of sandwiches, soups, pasta, and salads to choose from. 

     Panera can be a bit expensive when you compare it to other chain restaurants, but I believe that it’s worth the price. Prices can vary depending on what type of sandwich, soup, or salad, an example could be a soup could cost $4.99 up to $7.99. 

     Each ingredient is freshly made and well prepared for each of the items on the menu.  

     If you’re going to try Panera for the first time, I recommend doing the “Pick 2 meal” which can save you a lot of money.  

     The atmosphere of the café can be calm at times. but when dinner rush hits. it can get a bit chaotic. The best times to eat lunch at Panera can be any time from 2-5 P.M. 

     The café looked very clean and organized even though if was a bit busy, which tells me that they care about the surroundings of the café.  

     I also enjoyed the staff members who treated me and helped me order my food. I was surprised that they even brought the food to us when the food was ready to be served.  

     “I really enjoy going out and eating a Panera,” said senior Dean Hohn. “The food doesn’t look like it was sitting there under a heat light or in a fridge like when you order from a fast food restaurant.” 

     My time and money were well spent at Panera and would totally recommend others who haven’t tried it out, to do so. They have a rewards membership that helps you gain rewards every time you spend money at Panera which could get you discounts and free items. 

     I give Panera a score of a 10/10.