Bunnies hop North

     The Benson Bunnies are migrating “North” this spring. 

 This baseball season will be a little different.  The baseball team doesn’t have enough players to make a full team and neither does North High School.  This year, they are merging to form a co-op team.   

     In recent years, the baseball team has had declining number of participants.  They went from having two teams, two years ago, to barely filling a team last season.   

     “Right now, we have about 13 [boys], but we are expecting to get five more to make 18,” assistant coach Daniel Kenny said. 

    Usually, there is a maximum of 25 players for a high school baseball team.  According to Kenny, the hope is to get enough players from the two schools for fill the freshman, reserve, junior varsity, and varsity teams. 

     With the merger, comes a lot of changes. According to Kenny, Benson will be wearing North’s baseball jersey.  

      “I think the transition will be a little tough to get used to,” Kenny said. “Especially when we quake down and say Vikings.” 

    In addition to adopting the North mascot and jerseys, the team will also give their home field at Omaha Home for Boys.   

     “We will have new coaches, which brings new coaching style,” Reeder said. “That helps the players experience a new way of playing the game.” 

     Returning player senior Cj Reeder is excited for the opportunity of playing with another school. 

      “I think it’s a great opportunity to get a better chance to play competitive ball,” Reeder said. “Also, to have players playing at the correct level in order to succeed better as high school athletes. 

     The first game of the season will be held on March 14 at Fontenelle park against Northwest High School. Be sure to go and support the merged team this season.