American College Stressing

Anthony Arenas-Rubiales, Eiditor and Chief of the Newspaper

As a new school year has appeared, a new group of juniors will soon be taking the American College Testing (ACT) in April. Many are nervous while a couple are confident.
There are many ways to study and practice for the ACT.
“I’ve been preparing myself for the reading part for the ACT in a study guide book and doing free online practice test,” junior Nesha Marion-Mitchell said. “I’m not scared. . .in fact, I kind of feel confident.”
Not everyone has access to study guide books, but there are other ways to prepare that are just as helpful.
“I’m paying a lot of attention in class and trying to understand the concept of what they’re teaching me so that when a question on the ACT appears,” junior Jose Vasquez-Chavez said. “I’m also planning to take a practice test after winter break.”
While juniors are studying and practicing for the ACT some seniors have some advice not just for this year’s juniors but also for the other classmen who will be taking the ACT in the upcoming future.
“My advice would be to actually put some effort into studying and in the pretest,” senior Samantha Velarde said. “Take it serious because it is a huge part of getting into college.”
The pressure of the ACT takes up a lot of junior year. However, stressing about it makes it seem worse than it really is.
“There’s no need to stress about it,” senior Paw Lay Lay said. “Go online and take some practice tests before the real test comes up.”
“Study everything in class and practice for the ACT,” senior Dashawn Brown said. “If you feel like you need to retake it, you should retake it.”
There are also other tips into getting a better score on the ACT. Kids health researcher D’Arcy Lyness has many tips on how to get a better score not just on the ACT, but on any other test.
Tip one is to properly prepare for the test, don’t overfill the brain with information.
Tip two is to get some sleep. With sleep the body will rest and recharge for the big day.
It’s never too late to get ready.