Advising Changes


The 2018-2019 school year Advisement has changed drastically. With rules that are stricter, fewer education-based advisements and the lack of passes, students have a lot to adjust to.
Advisement is now only 26 minuets long, four minutes shorter than the previous year.
During advisement, students are expected to take the time to study, work on homework, receive or ask for extra help, or relax, read a book, and prepare for the rest of the school day. Many students enjoy the time as it gives them a change to have a short break from their classes.
Teachers encourage their students to academically take advantage of advisement time. They make sure that students are taking control of their time management.
Select advisements are still used to conduct a form of education or extra-curricular class. Some students believe that the time cuts from advisement was a poor decision because of the advisements that are used for the academy focuses.
Passes to go to the bathroom, to get a drink, or to go to other classes are not allowed to be given by advisement teachers. Students are now missing out on core class time to use the restroom due to the lack of advisement passes.
The only time a student is given the permission to leave advisement is when the student has been given a pass ahead of time to excuse them.
With these advisement expectations, students are expected to take charge of their education and prepare for their futures.
Although many students enjoy having the time to relax and take time out of their school day to focus on homework, some students believe that advisement is a waste of time.
Many students use advisement to stare at their phones for 26 minutes straight. Some students believe that advisement would be better off non-existent.
With talk of an eight-period schedule in the upcoming years, students are questioning if this is the last year for advisement.
Some students would rather have the remaining 26 minutes that are used for advisement to be cut from the school day all together. However, with no time dedicated to working on homework during the school day, students may become overwhelmed by the time they get home.
Many schools with eight-period schedules provide their students with the option of a study hall. Study hall would provide students with time dedicated to completing homework or giving them time to relax.
However, study hall would take one period out of a student’s day that could be used to earn more credits. Advisement gives students just enough time in their school day to get a significant amount of work done while still providing them with plenty of time in their school day for academics and extracurriculars.
Change inspires better, and better grows success.