Cheap Ideas for Spring Break

Vannia Duarte-Camacho, Managing Editor

Spring break is the time of parties, impromptu trips to the beaches in Mexico and the time to live to the highest for teenagers. It’s featured in movies, television shows and books as the week for people to live free and destress.
However, many teenagers at Benson don’t have the funds for such an elaborate vacation. Thus, many are forced to find a cheaper alternative to spend their time off on.
“I like to sleep because school drained [me],” junior Joshua Calabro said. “Sleep is cheap.”
Staying at home is one of the easiest and most relaxing options for break. After months of waking up before sunrise and being surrounded by assignments and crowded hallways, having some time alone can be extremely beneficial.
“I sit at home and just play video games,” senior Dean Hohn said.
Other students want to take advantage of the nicer weather. After a rough and freezing Winter, the sunlight and warmer temperatures have a way of calling students outdoors.
“I really want to go on a picnic again,” senior Ashleigh Henderson said.
Outdoor activities, like picnics, can be an easy way to bring friends and family together. Getting together with friends and family can be difficult with work and school schedules, so take advantage of the week break and plan some group activities.
“I just like having movie nights with friends,” senior Josephine Kantaras said. “Maybe just stop by a drive-thru, then go home and turn on Netflix.”