Lifting Spirits

The drama department is jumping head first into the 2019 school year with Blithe Spirit. The play will put everyone in the Halloween mood with it’s incorporation of death, ghosts, and hauntings.
“Blithe Spirit” is a character driven play set at the house of writer Charles Condomine and his wife Ruth.
Condomine invites an eccentric medium to hold a séance at his home with the intention of gathering character inspiration for his next book.
Condomine initially believes that the séance was a failure, but soon comes to realize that his first wife, Elvira, has been brought back to haunt him.
“’Blithe Spirit’ combines farce, wit, and emotion to great effect,” drama teacher Erienne Wredt said.
This year’s technical director and stage manager for Blithe Spirit, senior Hannah Jones cannot wait to begin bringing the play to life.
“Blithe Spirit is a very funny play that will keep people laughing,” Jones said. “From its’ childish humor to its’ more adult context, it brings the past back to the present which torments our main role Mr. Charles.”
For those interested in getting involved with the play, rehearsals are almost every day after school. There will be four additional plays this school year.