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Cartoon by Vannia Duarte Camacho

Bunny Bucks causing a stock market crash at Benson

Benson High NewspaperStaff

“You get a Bunny Buck!

“You get a Bunny Buck!”

“Everyone gets a Bunny Buck!”

That would be great, except that no one is receiving Bunny Bucks on a regular basis. School currency’s purpose is to motivate students to make smart and meaningful choices by giving them rewards that can be exchanged for prizes.

However, this only works when students receive the reward they work for.

“They’re a good idea in theory,” junior Champagne Stutzman said. “But a lot of teachers aren’t following through on them.”

Bunny Bucks are still a new thing at Benson, so it’s no surprise that teachers are still getting into the habit of handing them out. Many forget that they even have them or run out of time as they are teaching class.

Some teachers, like AP English teacher Paula Vazzano, have had their Bunny Bucks stolen.

Once the initial high of the new system went down, so did the rate of the Bunny Bucks that were being distributed to students.

“The first two months, I was giving out 10 per class,” Economics teacher Dillon Roost said. “Now, it’s 10 to 15 a day.”

This leaves many students with a limited number of bucks to spend, regardless of their behavior or willingness to achieve.

Some students ask if they are even worth getting. Others don’t think that Bunny Bucks should even be a thing, asking why rewards should be handed out for doing the bare minimum.

“It’s a waste of paper and time,” senior Dean Hohn said. “Why should we be rewards for doing what we should already be doing in the first place?”

Teachers are required to fill out each buck with the name of the student and what they demonstrated in order to receive the buck. Taking the time to fill out each individual buck can end up wasting a lot of class time if teachers are handing out around 10 per class.

Many students even bring up the question on how these Bunny Bucks are supposed to prepare them for the real world.

“I believe that they are unnecessary because the world won’t give you Bunny Bucks for showing good human qualities,” senior Raymond Butler said.

Students have grown up hearing about how teachers will not “baby” them in college, yet the Bunny Bucks system is considered a bit childish by many.

Despite this, some students and staff believe that Bunny Bucks are beneficial and a fun way to encourage Benson’s students.

“I think they are a pretty good addition to the school and teachers hand them out pretty often,” junior Aung Myo Mya said. “The rewards motivate people to act good in class.”