Benson Brewery

Eric Parsons, Reporter

As soon as I walked into the restaurant I heard the music pumping giving the place a very energetic mood. The wooden floor, the paintings and the exposed brick walls made the place look beautiful and feel timeless. Many people socialized around the bar and tables after a long weekend of work. Then, I was quickly told to sit where every I want by a waitress working there. I walked around the place until I finally took a seat in the back room away from the bar so that it would be a little quieter.

This was my adventure to try some good food at a new place, The Benson Brewery
in Downtown Benson. It’s open seven days a week from 11 a.m.- 10 p.m. A newer restaurant in downtown Benson that’s been open for a few years when it was remolded from the movie theater that was built there back in 1910. During the remodel they even added a big outdoor seating area for those who like to eat outside.

The Benson brewery has a vast menu so everyone can find something that they enjoy there. From great starts like pretzel sticks to salads, gourmet sandwiches, pastas, and many more satisfying items.

The waitress came out a minute later to get my drink order and then came back to get my food order a food minutes later. I ended up getting the warm and soft pretzels with smoked gouda dipping sauce as an appetizer. Then I ordered the pork tenderloin and fries without the secret sauce as my entrée.

The waitress came out just a few minutes later with the pretzels sticks and sauce. Four pretzels sticks about 12 inches long covered in salt and a cup of the cheese dipping sauce laid inside of a stainless steel basket. They looked delicious so I grabbed one and drenched it in the cheesy dipping sauce and took the first bite. The crunchy outside and the super soft inside countered each other perfectly to make a great taste and to top it off the cheese sauce made the experience even better.

Just a few minutes after I finished devouring pretzel sticks the main entrée came out and the first thing that I noticed was a mountain of french fries on my plate. More French fries than sandwich and I couldn’t wait to start gobbling it all down.  I drenched the sandwich in ketchup to make it even better. Then I grabbed the sandwich and quickly pulled it towards my mouth taking the first bite.

The sandwich was great, with super crunchy breading and a very tender piece of seasoned pork combined made my taste buds tingle. I couldn’t wait to take another bite and ended up devouring 1/4th of the sandwich before I decided to slow down and give the fries a try. I grabbed the first one that was super crunchy and dark brown and took the first bite of the mouthwatering fries. The flavor quickly dissolved in my mouth as I grabbed another handful and started to engulf them all.

The staff there was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire meal bringing all of the food and drinks out with a smile. Whenever I asked a question about the menu or the restaurant the staff had no problem answering the questions.

I would definitely recommend taking a trip down to the Benson Brewery if you want an inviting atmosphere and some really good food at a decent price. It would be a great place to go to after school with some friends to talk and just hang out for a while.