Pence rallies for votes in Omaha

Eric Parsons, Reporter

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence held a rally here in Omaha at Midstates Construction Products near 67th and F St on Thursday, October 27. Pence has been campaigning across the United States since July 2016 for the presidential election and is reaching the home stretch. He decided to visit Omaha because it has one electoral vote that could go to either candidate in this election. It was a worthy stop for Pence since a crowd of over 800 people came out to the rally to listen to him speak.

The rally took place in one of the storage areas onsite where boxes and crates filled the room but right in the middle there was a giant flag and podium for Pence and the other speakers. Two other Nebraska republican politicians were there, Congressional nominee Don Bacon and Governor Pete Ricketts, to show their support for Trump and Pence.

Pete Ricketts, a longtime friend of Pence, warmed up the crowd with a motivational speech of how the democrats have ruined Washington and why the voters need to make sure Trump wins.

“Donald Trump will change how DC works,” Ricketts said.  During Ricketts speech about the increase in Obamacare premiums, a man in the crowd fainted.

A doctor quickly ran over to the man while Ricketts said a quick pray to help him recover.  A few minutes later the man recovered and the rally was back on. The music pumped up and the crowd’s anticipation quickly escalated as Pence and his wife came up on to the stage. He started out by reassuring the audience that Trump has a great shot at winning on Election Day.

“Don’t be fooled for a second — this race is on,” and later saying, “We’re going to make Donald Trump the next President of the United States.”

Pence reiterated to the crowd one of their campaigns strongest points about how bad Obamacare has become over the last four years to help get some votes by calling The Unaffordable Affordable Care Act. Pence then addressed how the price of premiums have sky rocket up for working class families and how they will keep going up unless it’s abolished and replaced.

Later, he talked about how important law and order is in the United States and that everybody needs to respect law enforcement.

“We will restore law and order and support law enforcement in every community in the land,” Pence said.

The crowd was very energetic throughout the whole rally clapping, cheering and starting chants. Whenever Pence brought up Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton though the crowd would start to boo.

“Drain the swamp,” lock her up,” and “Trump,” were three of the most chanted things from the lively crowd.

Like several of his other rallies a protestor came into the rally and held up signs that had Trump Pence crossed out and started to yell, “Dump Trump.” The audience quickly reacted as a woman yelled “This is America, if you don’t like it, get out! This is our country!” Then a man came from behind and ripped the sign out of the protestor’s hands. Finally, an Omaha police officer came by and escorted her out of the warehouse and the crowd cheered and started to chant, “U.S.A.! U.S.A!”

After an hour of politicians speaking, many people chanting and supporters flinging their Trump signs up, the rally came to an end. Pence came down from the stage to shake hand with fans in the front row before leaving the rally and heading to the airport to his next rally in Iowa.