Logan: The Final Chapter

Eric Parsons, Editor-In-Chief

Do you like seeing people being torn up, blood gushing everywhere, and a well-written story? Then the new movie Logan is a must see for you. The ninth and final installment in the beloved X-men movie franchise came out last month, and gave a well-deserved ending to the beloved series.
The movie takes place in the future in the year 2029 where a corrupt government agency has killed off most of all the mutants in the world. The government agency run by Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) then started taking blood samples from the deceased mutants to make their own child soldiers. Logan (Hugh Jackman) is one of the few that survived and is very sick from the adamantium that was put into his body so his healing powers aren’t working as well as they used to. Therefore, he is slowly killing himself every time that he goes into battle. Logan must make a decision so he decides to stop fighting and to begin living a normal life. He does this by becoming a limousine driver so he can save up enough money to buy a boat so he can sail away on the ocean with Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) until they die, but things happen that lead him back into battle.
A young mutant girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) with powers similar to Logan escaped from the government agency and shows up at Logan’s house seeking help to get to Eden, which is a sanctuary for mutants in Mexico. This is when the story turns and groups of assassins from the government show up looking for the young mutant. They want to capture her so they can brainwash her and use her powers for evil. Logan, Professor X, and Laura must claw their way through the entire group of assassins to get to the limousine so they can start their adventure towards Eden where Laura will be safe.
Their trip to Eden doesn’t go as planned because everywhere the three of them stop more and more assassins keep on showing up to try capturing Laura. You will have to take a trip to the movie theater to find out what happens to the heroes in the final Wolverine movie.
For most of the movie, the story moves at a slow pace just like Logan because of his old age but as soon as trouble shows up and Logan’s claws come out the story picks up moving you to the edge of your seat worrying about what might happen to the heroes in the movie.
Just like the story, the acting in this movie was excellent; Hugh Jackman has been playing Wolverine for 17 years, and does an amazing job portraying a person that has been around since before the Civil War. This was the first time though for Jackman where his character was not filled with anger and rage the whole time so he had to learn to move slower when fighting in the film and he pulls it off amazingly. Patrick Stewart does the same thing making the audience feel the struggle that Professor Xavier is going through with Alzheimer’s and adding some funny scenes into the film.
I would recommend going to see this movie if you are a fan of comic book movies because this one delivers with a good story and great action scenes. Even if you are not the biggest comic book movie fan I would still go check this movie out because it has a really rich story that isn’t surrounded with all CGI action sequences but fight scenes that are between real people. This film also will not make you feel as happy as most other superhero movies because this one really makes you feel for the pain and struggles that all the characters have to go though.