Brain Drain (the most difficult classes)

Bethsy Rem, Reporter

The reality is that school can be tiring sometimes. Students must dedicate time, effort, and work if they want to get good grades and graduate.  

 Time is an issue that many struggle with since each person has his/her things to do even resting takes up time. School stress comes in a lot of different forms like for example seniors need to worry about their future and applying to college while as freshmen are still transitioning the middle school life to high school. 

Students also feel intense pressure to fit in which can be damaging because not everyone is the same and comparing themselves to others could lead to depression or lead to low self-esteem.  

“Math is my least favorite and it’s confusing so doing my homework in that class is hard to keep up,” Naomi Ka (9) said.  

“I don’t like science, it’s boring to me and a lot of work is hands on,” Klaw Meh (9) said. 

 “I think PE is hardest since you have to get up,” Chat (9) said.  

According to these students the class can be a stressful environment for them. Even though it is tough is there a way to overcome it?  

“Coming to class every day and being on time is important so you can understand the lesson,” Chat (9) said. 

 “Make sure you understand everything your teacher provides you with, asking questions is very helpful,” Klaw meh (9) said. 

“School will indeed be hard if it were easy everyone would do it do not be discouraged and encourage yourself instead,” Naomi Ka (9) said. 

School does not have to be bad. Whether school is boring, difficult, or stressful, students can learn to make school easier and a lot more fun. They should benefit themselves and keep their tasks under control. Loosen up one way to make school better is to not take life so seriously and live in the present time. 

 It can be a wonderful place to have fun too. Keep it fun waking up in the morning and plan a healthy routine to be excited to see friends be grateful. daydream every now and then. Students will have to sit through a few lectures’ hours of dull waiting. Use imagination to make it better and more active. Do not waste youth and learn to cope think smarter not harder.