HOSA prepares health students

Bethsy Rem, Reporter

HOSA, future health professionals, known as Health Occupations Students of America. A global student led organization by the U.S. department of education and the department of health and human services and several federal and state agencies. Benson has a HOSA chapter that students in Health Academy can join. 

HOSA’s mission is to empower future health professionals to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration and experience.  

Does HOSA provide a valuable, positive experience for students.  

“Yes, it is if you’re passionate about the health career then yes it can even be fun almost,” Htee Ku Say (11) said.  

HOSA is taught by Health teacher Robyn Jernigan. 

“The Benson teacher is considerate and patient so it’s easier to understand,” Eh You Paw (10) said. 

According to these students the class is a good influence, actively promotes career opportunities in the health industry and enhances the delivery of quality health care to all people. It also provides leadership development, motivation and lots of recognition 

For example, there was just a Health Academy Awards event earlier this month followed by celebrating students in the academy. 

Even though it is difficult, an active classroom should be considerable for upcoming students. 

” It depends on the student, there’s things people can be more interested in and work differently to and there can be others that just see as another class,” Say said. “I think if you pay attention, it’s not too bad.”  

HOSA members can achieve roles and everyday skills to learn such as strengthening their academic and technical skills. Build self-confidence, build enthusiasm. They create friendships and social networks such as the friends up there I asked questions to. They set realistic career and educational goals for themselves in the future. 

“If you attend class regularly and take in the lesson you can do work,” Paw said. 

HOSA welcomes scholarships for over 50,000 awarded by Penn HOSA foundation. Serve as local or state and international officers. Individuals can seek internships in the office of the surgeon general and others. Participate in or compete in state and international conferences. Overall, whatever people decide to pursue to do, in this program they learn, grow, and become better individuals.