School lunch

Zariah Abraham, Reporter

Zariah Abraham

Jaybreon Reed-Lewis (10) – “I don’t like school lunch, but nachos are the best.”

Jason Traylor (10) – “The orange chicken because it’s not fake.”

Meri Cartwright (10) – “The orange chicken because it’s fire.”

Tamaya Qualls (10) – “The fries with hot sauce because it’s the only thing that feels healthy in school lunch.”

Trace Titsworth (10) – “Pizza because it’s pizza.”

Zechariah Morrison (11) – “Pizza because it’s the best thing.”

Kaidyn Williams (10) – “The tacos or cheese sicks are the best.”

Tre’Varion Woodruff (10) – “the orange chicken because I like the tenderness and the flavors.”

Jeremiah Coanner (9) – “The orange chicken it’s the only good lunch.”

James Danner (10)  – “My favorite are the nachos.”