Top 10 Asian Food You Must Try in Omaha

Kay Meh, Reporter

Looking for some yummy Asian food to try in Omaha? Here is a list of some of the most favorited Asian food! They’re all unique in their way, and delicious! So, say goodbye to the money and hello to a yummy treat!  

Starting from the top choice, with something sweet and enticing! The answer is ice cream rolls, located in South Omaha called Freezing or it can be hand-made. It may be a far trip, but it is sure worth the wait! Senior Pranith Rai would agree as he had one. 

“I really like ice cream rolls because it is delicious for the summertime,” Rai said. 

“My favorite one is the mocha because it tastes like tea and is a bit sweet. It is just a food that you can eat that will instantly make you happy!” Rai said

Once you taste it, it’ll just scoop you up to heaven! 

Moving onto something spicier now! Freshman Ler Htee Shee chose som tam, or papaya salad, as his favorite Asian food. 

“I really like som tam because it makes me feel happy,” Shee said.  

“It tastes good, and the spiciness helps me down calm down. And, not to mention, it is quite healthy,” Shee said. “You can even make it at home by having a mortar and pestle, to chop plus smash chili pepper, peanuts, or garlic. You must shred a papaya, then mix in the smashed sauces. Add the marinated crab as the finishing touch and enjoy.”

In addition, you can also add your own likings to it like the sauces. 

“You can also put extra stuff like Chinese long beans or fish sauce. And if you don’t like it spicy, add sugar for a sweet taste! Also, add limes for more flavors,” Shee said. 

Furthermore, let’s dive into the savor, to-go-to easy food, ramen or noodles; preferably from Tom Yum! This option was picked by freshman Elizabeth Roman-Torres. 

“If I had to pick an Asian food, it’d be ramen because it is easy and quick to make!” Roman-Torres said. “You can add toppings like peanuts and sauces on ramen or noodles, making it more delicious like adding an fried egg on the top.”

Moreover, the noodle is a yummy, quick and popular food to try!

“It is easy to make because you just open the packet, put your noodles in a bowl then pop it in the microwave or add hot water on it then wait,” Roman-Torres said. “After that, you add your sauces and enjoy it! It is good for when you’re tired after a long day and want something plus fillings!”

Additionally, sophomore Prami Rai has decided on momo as her favorite Asian food. Momo is a type of dumpling and originated in Nepal.  

“I chose momo because the taste of it is different from any dumplings,” Rai said.  

“It has a unique taste of flavor, rich and meaty like. The ingredients to make it is flour and dough paper for the outside,” Raid said. “And the stuffing is any type of meat, minced onions, cabbages, ginger or garlic, salt, pepper, and oil. It is very good; I recommend you to try it!” 

Let’s move onto one of freshman Bu Meh’s favorite Asian food to try. She chose Pad Thai. Pad Thai originated in Thailand.  

“I picked Pad Thai because it’s good and spicy,” Meh said.  

“I like eating it during parties, it adds a nice spice to it. I add vegetables in it, so it is sort of healthy,” Meh said. “You can make Pad Thai at home or buy it somewhere. You just need rice noodles with eggs, adding sauces to your liking, vegetables, and any meat you like.”

Let’s slide into something unique but delicious, Pani Puri, chosen by freshman Sumeeda Rai. Pani Puri originated in India and is popular due to its affordable price. 

“I pick Pani Puri because it is spicy, sour, crunchy and tangy,” Rai said.

“Pani Puri is made out of dough, and the stuffing includes potatoes, cilantro, onions, chunky peppers, and more,” Raid said. “You can have tamarind water as a sauce, just squeeze the tamarind into water.” 

Moreover, freshman Ester Htoh selected samosa as her favorite Asian food. Samosa is very popular among the world, and it originated somewhere in the Central Asia, making its way to India.  

“I like samosa because it is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside,” Htoh said.  

“You can make it at home or eat it at a restaurant,” Htoh said. “The outside shell is made out of dough, and it has to be thin for it to have that crunch! The stuffings contains mashed potatoes, some kind of meat, and more if you like. You put all these together to form a triangle then fried them.”

And, the food is good for almost all occasions.

“This is a good party food, and you can also dip them in sauces like sweet BBQ,” Htoh said. 

Then, there is pho, originated in Vietnam and it is common for Asians to have this during special occasions such as party traditions or worshipping, which is something freshman Ru Sa Lay Paw can relate.  

“I really like noodles, specifically pho,” Paw said. 

“I like it because it is good, it is like soups, and I like soups,” Paw said. “I can add peppers, meat like pork, meatballs, noodles, vegetables, or peanuts to add more savory taste. We usually have it during birthdays like my brother, or when we pray.” 

Transiting to one of sophomore Asmina Gurung favorite food, sushi! Sushi originated in Japan, and it is well loved around the world.  

“I like sushi because it has a lot of different versions, so you can eat the best ones suited to your tastes, and plus I like eating fish,” Gurung said.

“To me, sushi tastes fresh and can sometimes be sweet or savory because it depends on all the different fish, veggies, or rice you use. The seaweed wrap also adds to the chewy texture,” Gurung said. 

Finally, let us end the list with something soft and sweet. You may have never heard of it, but freshman Paw Win Win has. The answer is Bua Loy Sam Lee! This dessert originated in Thailand.  

“I really like this because it tastes good, and it is the first thing I cook with my mom, so it is a special food,” Win said

“The ingredients include rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, eggs, and more,” Paw said. “I usually make it, but you can buy it in the store somewhere. Its texture is chewy, sweet, very soft, and kind of savory. It is just like mochi, mochi soup!”  

There are plenty of other Asian food, but these were the top ten chosen by Benson students. Now, it is time to get up and go try some treats!