Benson wins Senior Night

Anthony Liggins, Reporter

Omaha Benson secured the W against Omaha Central on the Bunnies Senior Night at the Benson High stadium on Friday Oct. 14, 2022. This was the first time the Bunnies have beaten the Eagles in about 20 years.

 The Bunnies scored their first touchdown with a 75-yard pass from quarterback Jaylen Davis (12) to wide receiver Avry Harris (9). Running back Brandon Ashley (12) set a great block for Harris to score. The touchdown was followed by a extra point kick from Cristobal Hernandez Delgado (9). The Bunnies defense showed up today and stopped the Eagles offense. The Bunnies went down the field and scored again with a 32-yard touchdown bomb from Jaylen Davis to Avry Harris. The Bunnies went into halftime up 0-13 over the Eagles. 

“After my first touchdown I could feel the game starting to come easy to me and going my way. It felt great after the win, it was a long one coming, and we needed that team to win badly on the home field,” Harris said. “Even though we knew the season was ending we had to end it with a good one in front of the crowd for our seniors.”   

During halftime all the Bunnies were focused on keeping the lead. That is how they lost some of their last close games, starting good but ending not too well. All week coaches were big on keeping the lead and finishing the game after halftime.

Starting the second half Benson’s defense starts off strong and senior Jaylen Davis gets a pick 6. Followed by the extra point kick which now makes the score 0-20. The defense went on the field again and forced another turnover, with a fumble caused by Ashley and picked up by Anthony Liggins. After those 2 good back-to-back defensive drives, the Bunnies gave up a big play caused by broken coverage. The Eagles scored their first points of the game and made the score 7-20.

“Felt great to leave out on a win for my last home game ever as a Benson student,” Ashley said. “After my forced fumble I felt excited because we got the ball back and had another chance to score and make the lead bigger. For my last home game, I showed out and gave it my all for the fans.”

Starting the 4th quarter, the Bunnies offense had a great offensive possession and drove all the way down the field and scored. A 1-yard quarterback sneak from Davis made the score 7-26 but unfortunately the Bunnies could not get the extra point. The Eagles responded with one of their own offensive drives and drove down the field and scored, but also missed the extra point. This made the score 13-26.

Late in the game, Benson again came down with another offensive drive and went down the field and scored. A 2-yard pass from Davis to DJ Sterling (11) and made the extra point field goal which put the Bunnies up 13-33. This ended the game as Benson capitalized and finished the game as they planned to and sent the Seniors off with a win.