Return of the Homecoming Parade


Paw Eh Ler

The Benson High fall sports in the Homecoming Parade

Landon Fiscus, Reporter

Homecoming Week is always a special week for high schools. This year, it was even more special for Benson, because the Homecoming Parade was back after a long hiatus. On Sept. 22, the different clubs and sports teams of Benson came together as a whole for the 75th anniversary to march down the street and put on a show that will be remembered for years to come by students, teachers and the Benson community. 

When Melinda Bailey took over for Tom Wagner as principal, having a parade was one of her priorities, bringing a renewal of school spirit on all fronts. 

“I want each graduating class to have the experience of being part of the parade. It will be something they remember forever,” Principal Melinda Bailey said. “For me, the parade was the epitome of school spirit and community involvement. It was a symbol of school pride and student commitment and being invested in their school.” 

Cheering on the school and hyping up a large crowd was a big part of the parade. Stage fright took its toll, but everyone powered through like champions.  

“It felt nerve racking because I didn’t fully memorize some of the cheers, and it was the first parade in a while, so I felt pressured,” cheerleader Amanda Francisco (11) said. “But it wasn’t just nervousness, it was a mixture of excitement too.”  

Many of Benson’s students watched the parade from the sidewalks cheering on their peers and supporting their school. 

“I was honestly pretty hyped up,” Kwe Klo Htoo (11) said, “I had no idea what to expect since I’ve never been to a Benson parade before. It was nice and wholesome, seeing people just have fun.” 

The Rose Hill Elementary School students lined the street along with the business community for the special occasion. This signified the unity of the community that Benson has.  

“I think the parade impacted the area by bringing the community together and giving the kids in the community great memories.” Leslie Tapia said (11). “I thought it was cool to see everyone just march together and have a good time.”  

In addition to performing, coordinating and even thinking about the parade had everyone excited and nervous, even the staff.  

“The last two weeks of school pride events (pep rally, homecoming parade, dance, and football) have really made an impact on our school pride and culture,” academy specialist Angela Johanek said, “It was a great place to kick off the rest of the year and I’m excited about it.”