Sophomore finds a Homecoming Date


Sophomore Nyiah Jones asks his date to Homecoming.

Richard Matlock , Reporter

Go as a group or not go as a group? Have a date or not have a date? Those are the questions students had to ask themselves when they decided to go to homecoming dance.  

“I had been waiting to ask this girl to come to homecoming with me,” sophomore Nyziah Jones said. “She was very shy, and I was also, we barely talked, and some days we even walked past each other. 

 They shared the same class with each other, and when partnered up they helped each other do class assignments when class was over, they would separate ways, each day without him asking her to come to Homecoming. 

“One night me and my mom were in the store, I walked past some chocolate and then after, walked past stuffed animals and teddy bears and I thought why not give it a shot when my mom was in line,” Jones said. “I got the courage to ask to buy the teddy bear and the chocolate which she said was fine.”  

He bought the chocolates, and the teddy bear grabbed the bent up extra poster behind my desk that he never used and decided to write “Emily would you want to come to homecoming with me.” 

“I finally built-up courage and the next morning I walked into school waiting until lunch,” Jones said. We shared the same lunch period, but she always sat opposite from me talking to her friends, and I walked up to her, and she turned around. 

 He then held up the poster that said “Emily would you want to come to homecoming with me” she smiled and said yes! They decided to go with purple and white colors for her dress and his tuxedo.