Freshmen Jays beats Bunnies in Double OT

Anthony Liggins

Benson Bunnies had a home freshmen football game at the Benson high stadium on Oct. 5, 2022. They faced The Creighton Prep Blue Jays in a high intense game. The Bunnies were led by quarterback/safety Zion Rush #19 (9) and #41 David Thorn (9) running back/middle linebacker.  

The Bunnies received the ball first and drove up the field with no effort led by Thorn. The Bunnies capitalized the possession by scoring at the end of the drive with an 8-yard diving touchdown from running back Thorn. The Bunnies went for 2, but could not complete it, it made the score 6-0 the Bunnies in the lead. 

“(After his first touchdown) my confidence went up, I felt like the game started to come easier,” David said. “After that, my speed felt faster, and I started making plays easier. I was disappointed because I fumbled, but we played a good game and should have won.” 

Creighton Prep returned the ball and gained a little yard on the return. They drove up the field a little on their first drive. The Bunnies fought back and stopped their drive with an interception by #81 Shai Bullion Langford. Then, they could not capitalize the turnover and Creighton Prep got the ball and scored this time. The Blue Jays went for 2 and converted it to make the score 6-8. 

For the rest of the game, both teams struggled to score until the 4th quarter. The Bunnies scored with another run with running back Thorn, they went to 2 and scored to make it 14-6 now! The Blue Jays received the ball back and was struggling to move up the field on Bensons defense. The Blue Jays were forced to 4th down and scored with 10 seconds left to take the game into overtime.

In overtime the Bunnies scored first and got the 2-point conversion with running back Thorn to make it 22-14. The Blue Jays returned with a score of their own to tie it up and send it into second overtime. The Blue Jays got the ball first in double overtime and scored and converted the 2-point conversion to make the score 22-30. Then the Bunnies received the ball in the second overtime and sadly fumbled to lose the game, Creighton Prep won 30-22.  

“I feel like we need to get better at defense because everybody we played scores against us from the outside,” Rush said. “I felt like we could have done better and part of the loss was in me because I missed a couple of tackles that could have stopped them from scoring. In overall we did good because we went into double overtime with them and played the whole game without giving up.”