Teenagers can still dress-up

Lelani Carter, Reporter

When it comes to favorite holidays, Halloween usually tends to always make top three for many. Everyone watching movies, trick or treating, stuffing their faces with candy, and most importantly, perhaps it is the season for everybody’s amazing costumes.

“What I love about Halloween is that everything is optional,” Z”Kyia Taylor (11) said. “The costumes, the candy, the movies and all.”

Halloween was a great way for people to express their creativity through their costumes. Costume parties are always the talk of the month for many, going out, dressing up, getting announced best dressed, and having fun are all memories worthwhile.

“I’m going to a Halloween party,” Akyla Jones (11) said. I’ll be dressing up as a mail woman.”

Taylor expected to dress as a fairy for the party, until she decided to work that day instead and take her brother trick or treating afterwards.

“Halloween is about getting to spend time with your family and making cherishing as many moments as you can,” Taylor said.