Finding the Perfect Dress


Jolaiya Houston, Reporter

First things first, for Homecoming to be a success, the perfect dress must be found.  

My mom had to go to several stores to get my dress because everything was picked through, but she ended up finding the perfect dress. It was glittery and it was medium length. It had black fur at the top. I partnered it with some glittery high heels. 

Originally on the night of Homecoming, I planned to go with my best friend, but I ended up finding a date. He wore a pink and black suit, and he drove a black Ford car. My best friend accompanied us I could not just leave her out. 

We began getting ready at like 5 p.m., I had gotten ready with her and everything she looked absolutely gorgeous. She had a cheetah dress with some pretty boot heels with gold at the bottom. In general, the theme for her dress was gold and mine was silver. 

When we were finished, my date pulled up in his car and we took pictures all together. He was so respectful and nice. He opened the door for both of us because he knew my best friend did not have a date. When we arrived at the dance, his auntie took pictures of us outside of the school before we walked into the building.