Candidates look good for Homecoming

Lelani Carter, Reporter

Looking good at Homecoming is important, especially for those potential Homecoming Kings and Queens.

Senior candidates Brandon Ashley and Kayleen Beasley were even more aware of attire at the dance as well as following the apparel theme which was “Under the Stars.”

“I’ll be following the theme. I’m wearing sparkly black,” Beasley said.

Ashley decided to wear emerald, green, which vaguely followed the theme as well.

“I’m just wearing a suit and tie,” Ashley said.

Beasley went different this year and wore a jumpsuit instead of a dress like everyone else.

Ashley didn’t care about being the best dressed, unlike Beasley who had a whole opposite opinion.

“Being best dressed is important to me, especially because I’m running for Homecoming Queen,” Beasley said.