Students can help choose for dances

Janasia Dunn, Reporter

Homecoming, especially the dance, is a big part of a good high school experience. It included dressing up, meeting friends and dancing. Having a good music playlist was also an essential part of it being a good experience. 

Picking a good DJ is important because if the music being played is not good, no one is going to go in the future. A DJ should have songs for every mood; chill, slow or upbeat.  

“For the Homecoming Dance, Houston Alexander was the DJ,” Student Council sponsor Kelcey Schmitz said.  

Alexander, a DJ and community activist played tunes all night long.  

“He usually takes requests, but he tries to follow the mood of the crowd,” Schmitz said. 

 According to Schmitz, he decided what music to play at homecoming according to how the crowd felt.  

Some people may request a slow song and others request upbeat music.  

“We tried to get student input through a survey, but we had very few people respond,” Schmitz said.  

So students who wanted to request a song could, but it had to be weeks in advance.