Next Level Learning’s Next Step

Michael White, Reporter

    Omaha Public Schools transformed traditional summer school into a program called Next Level Learning program to help students recover credits and matriculate faster. Last summer it was held from June 2 to the 30 and July 6 to 23. 

    Besides recovering credits, students can take classes such as a human relations class for college credit. Another opportunity for students 16 and above is to tutor younger students and get a $10 stipend.  

     “It is a major opportunity for students to make up credits from the previous school year,” curriculum specialist JoAnna Hale said. “It is also a chance for students to accrue credits so they can open their schedule up.” 

     If any students are looking to attend this program, contact Hale on her email. If any students are unable to contact her talk to one of your counselors.  

     The program is also a chance for freshman to get a head start in high school. It’s almost identical to a type of regular high school class and they get introduced to the different class, teachers and administrators. 

     Last summer, Next Level Learning had about 1000 students enrolled into it. It was very beneficial and made the students more prepared for what high school was like and a way for students to make up credits. Since it wasn’t just freshman, it was also for the other different grades. 

    Hale believes that it is possible for more students to come out and get some help if they really wanted to get the help they need to get. Especially for any seniors with missing credits, it is a great opportunity.  

    “I think the best advice for students is to show up every day,” Hale said. “Teachers want to teach you, so if you have willingness to learn you can go very far in school and life.” 

     An email was sent out to all OPS staff asking them if they would be interested in staffing a hybrid version of it during long school breaks. Although no information has been sent back regarding this.  

     The program is also a chance for freshman to get a head start in high school. It’s almost identical to a regular high school setting except simplified to fit student’s needs.  

     “I hope to get a lot more freshmen so that they can really have a great start to high school,” Hale said. “Right now, I don’t know when we start, but I hope to get some more new students.”