Ambassadors give freshmen tours


All the students that participated in the freshmen tours took a picture.

Michael White, Reporter

     On Nov. 30 through Dec. 1, the freshmen students were led by student ambassadors throughout the school to the different academies, the Business Academy, Health Academy and Design and Construction Academy.    

    “Kids saw parts of the building they didn’t even know existed,” freshmen teacher Elisabeth Haskell-Voris said. “They learned about the different pathways they can go to in the school.” 

    For most freshmen, they do not have classes outside of the southwest section of the building. By doing this, students were given the chance to learn about the stuff they wouldn’t learn from their teachers. Because the students were seniors, juniors, and sophomores they had been and are in the academy’s they are speaking about. 

     “My students enjoyed the visits a lot,” freshmen teacher Meredith McIvor said. “They got to see a lot of cool stuff like the culinary room and the construction room.” 

    Student ambassador senior Zyairah Gamble believes that it was a success. Even though the students were nervous to go around with a bunch of strangers. Gamble felt she was able to teach the students a lot about the different academies.  

    “It was very fun helping them learn about the different academies,” Gamble said, “I hope other people will continue to do this because I think the students learned a lot about the stuff we do around here.” 

    In the past there have been tours, but because of COVID, students couldn’t get the same level of introduction into Benson’s culture as this year’s group has.  

    “I hope that these tours continue to happen because it was for me and most of the students who participated in this,” Haskell-Voris said.  

     According to student ambassador senior Eh Tha You Paw believes that this opportunity allows freshman to learn from upperclassmen perspective on choosing the right academies to pursue for the next three years. It gave a chance for the freshman that the upperclassmen didn’t receive. 

     “My freshmen year, I didn’t get to learn about the different academies,” Paw said. “I had to learn about it through experience and this is really great for these students trying to find their next step.”