Former student returns to Benson as teacher

E'Mohnie, Reporter

The halls of Benson are a familiar sight for Modern World History and Geography teacher Isobel Righter.  That is because Righter is a Benson graduate.

“I loved Benson when I was here as a student, and I believe that connection allows me to better understand my students and help them connect with me as well,” Righter said.

She’s one of the coaches for the girls’ soccer team and the girls’ volleyball team, and has been coaching ever since 2015. She started coaching the girls’ soccer team in the spring of 2017, and coached the girls’ volleyball team in fall of 2021.

Righter became a teacher because she has always loved learning new things and sharing that knowledge with those around her.

“I enjoy it a lot. I loved my teachers when I was here so getting to work with them is that much better,” Righter said. “A lot of my former teachers do not teach here anymore or have moved to a different position in the building.”

She thinks the only weird thing can be calling them by their first name instead of their last name.

“I love to see the light bulb in other people eyes, when they learn.” Righter said. “Connects to an interest they have or something else they have learned”

She also wants to make a positive impact on future generations of students.

“I think being a former student in this school allows me to already understand the dynamic and diversity that we have here at Benson,” Righter said. “With this understanding, I have a lot more patience with my students and only want what is best for them.”

She also loves the teachers and being able to now work alongside them now is even better. Benson has changed from the last time she went to this school.

“It went through a remodel since I have been here, so the classrooms are a lot nicer than when I was here,” Righter said. Also, there are not many of my former teachers that are still teaching at Benson, most have either left Benson or have moved up to administration.”

When she was here, the classrooms were not yet remodeled. Benson had all the rooms get new flooring, whiteboard walls, and a color painted wall. The main office used to be straight through the 1st floor double doors in the commons instead of on the left side of the commons. The counseling office used to be in the commons area as well.

Some advantages of working here at Benson are working with a great staff, being at a school that feels like home to me and teaching and learning from an extremely diverse student body.

Some disadvantages are a lot of the students have difficult lives which can cause them to struggle and not pay attention in school. She lives relatively far from Benson, so the drive to and from work can be tiring. Students and staff’s resources for school and classrooms are limited, making it hard for Righter.

“I wish that our school had more school spirit with our student body,” Righter said. “I remember it being so much fun to be in the student sections at sporting events, and dressing up for spirit days as a student.”