Grades, and test scores have long term effects

Dee Brown, Reporter

     All years of high school can be hard and exhausting, but it’s only hard if a student decides to give up. The most important thing in high school are grades and test scores. Grades are important because if a student decides to go to college. Grades can affect a person by making them fail classes, slow acting and not being able to be present for their future goals. 

   Certain jobs, not just ones that demand a college degree, require particular grades and knowledge.  Classes are required to make things happen in life.  

  If a student decides to have a mature goal, such as wanting to go to college and play profession basketball, then grades are vital to them reaching that goal.  In OPS, playing sports is a privilege and not a given.  Students who are academically ineligible will not be allowed to play.  

     Another example is a student wants to go to college to be a dentist.  There are prerequisites for dentistry school and some of prerequisites begin in high school.

     Grades are the most important thing in high school for the person’s career or scholarships and college admissions.  

     The better the grades, the better the test scores. They have a direct correlation with one another. It is also important for involvement in activities inside or outside of school. The effect of test scores could lead to consequences such as getting held back and being held in a non-public school or being home schooled. Test scores are also important to students, teachers and parents because they provide students with standardized talents.  

     If students want to create opportunities for themselves after high school, they need to improve their grades and test scores as well as being involved with many activities.