Freshmen struggle with transitioning to high school

Michael White, Reporter

Starting high school is a very difficult task for some people. For some people, transitioning from middle school to high school just means more work. But a major thing that affected the freshmen was COVID and how it was very weird.

Most of the students, with the exception of the seniors, haven’t had a normal high school experience because of the virus.  While high school may be very easy for some people, it can also be said that there are a lot of different things about high school than middle school.

“High school is very different from middle school,” freshmen Aliyah Jake said. “There are a lot more smaller groups of people doing their own thing.”

Jake also said that the people like the upperclassmen were very helpful to the freshmen and help a lot when they ask for help.

“A lot of the people here are really cool and help you out when you need it,” freshman Kevin Washington said. “ I’ve kind of just been doing my own thing since I started.”

Also some students feel like the teachers are way more accepting and help a lot more than when they were in middle school.

“My middle school teacher was terrible,” Washington said. “But teachers like Mrs. Voris help a lot with any assignments that I need to get done or check up on me.”