Benson School Store

E'Mohnie Ruckman, Reporter

The Benson School Store, located in the commons near the new gym doors,  is full of custom gear for alumni, students, and parents.  It is only open during 1, 2, and 3 blocks.

The store is ran by Business Academy interns who are enrolled in the senior capstone class.

“I like making shirts and making sells,” senior Antone McNair said.

The customers are allowed to make their own custom hoodie or t-shirt and pick out any color and design that they have.

Some advantages would be making what have been ordered right away, along with having different designs. Some disadvantages consists of getting busy, and not having the designs everyone wants.

Someone who has impacted the Benson store the most would have to be business teacher Erin Ruis. She supervises the student interns, train the interns on producing shirts and order decals and shirts.

“I am very dedicated to the store. I want to ensure that staff, students, and alumni get the Benson apparel they want,” Ruis said.  “The store takes a lot of time. I spend much of my plan time taking care of school store business and do most of my class planning on my own time at home.”