Engaging in Spirit Week!

Allenia Mullins, Reporter

Are you excited for spirit week? Last year was a wreck but this year we are bringing school spirit back 10 times harder. If u participate u can when $5 gift card.

Monday is Cultural Celebration Day students will be dressing up to embrace the diverse cultures for Benson.

Tuesday is when students will dress identical to other students. This year will be exciting because a student in teacher will be dressing identical in, we never had that before.

Wednesday is workout gear day this is a day for students to show off their muscles.

Thursday is childhood day. Students are dressing up as how they use to dress when they are younger.

Friday is color wars. This is a day for different grades to go against each other to see what grade participate in spirit week the most.  Freshman will be wearing green, sophomores will be wearing gray, juniors will be wearing white, and seniors will be wearing black.