Triller Fight Club

Michael White, Reporter

The Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul fight was supposed to be a great fight. The fight was presented by Triller.Triller is a multi-million-dollar company that could have easily been one of the greatest boxing fights of all time, but it was awful. To watch the fight, you had to pay for the Triller Fight Club service.

Triller Fight Club is a branch from regular Triller. It is a pay to watch service and was recently created to fit the Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul fight. You pay $60 for entry and get to watch all the fights that the provider gives you.

During the fights it was very enjoyable they were well fought and entertaining. But Triller’s presentation of the fight was bad. There were lasers everywhere for no clear reason, there was a bunch of cables and metal ladders around the ring, and the POV that Triller was giving was awful.

“If I had to rate this fight it would definitely be a 2,” sophomore Trevor Johnson said. “I was blinded by lasers most of the time and the announcers looked like they were in a UFO.”

The highlight of the show was supposed to be a song by Justin Bieber. But his mic cut out in the middle of the performance! This was one of the worst performances of all time, not because of Justin Bieber but because of Triller.

I think the only thing that made the fight worth watching was Ben Askren against Jake Paul. A lot of people said the fight was rigged but some people were saying that the ref saw that Ben Askren would have gotten seriously hurt and called off the fight