Alice Buffet Award

Michael White, Reporter

Due to Covid-19 it has been a very tough year for both students and teachers. Without that full face to face communication it is hard to have a good class time. But some teachers have made do with what they have. Those teachers have made the environment around there students way better. The state likes to reward teachers who have demonstrated such excellence. One of the ways that they do this is by the Alice Buffet Award.

The Alice Buffet Award was first created in 1988 and given to Alice Buffet aunt of Warren Buffet. The award has been awarded annually since then to 15 teachers each year. The requirements for the award is 2 years of teaching experience and nothing much else. The winner each year gains $10,000, Alice Buffett Outstanding Teacher Award Medallion, and $1,000 in McDonald’s gift cards.

This year includes two of Benson’s own teachers Paula Vazzano, English teacher, and Jennifer Wittry, Math teacher. They have both been at Benson for a very long time and students and teachers decided it was time for the teachers to have an award.

Wittry didn’t really expect to be picked for the award this year. But is grateful that she had the chance to be recognized as the great teacher that she is.

“I believe that in order to win this award you just have to be passionate about your job,” Vazzano said. “ And be dedicated to the students you teach.”