Student athlete balances school and sports

Michael White, Reporter

Student athletes are challenged a lot. Most of the time they have very hard practices and lots of homework to complete in order to stay on top of their grades. Especially with COVID which forces everyone into and uncomfortable situation. But some people can handle that stress and all those activities. One such person is junior Eh Tha You Paw.  

Paw plays soccer and as a junior is currently taking her ACT. Paw must study for the ACT along with her regular assignments and practice.  

The ACT is one of the most important tests that determine what type of colleges are available to that student. 

I’m really trying my best my keep my grades up,” Paw said. “It’s a little hard because I usually get home at 6 at night and I still have to do at least two hours of homework. 

Paw usually tries to go to tutoring in order to gain the help that she needs in the classes she is struggling in.  

In order to relieve the stress that comes from these activities Paw does physical activity. Like taking a walk, going to the gym, and playing soccer.  

The coaches at Benson have been a great help to Paw. Making sure to push her to do the best that she can do on and off the field. The coaches offer opportunities for the student-athletes that allow them to still play and get the help they need for classes.