OPS changes bus guidelines, school boundaries

Michael White, Reporter

Transportation will always be extremely hard thing when considering where to go to high school. However, because of student communication, teacher announcements, and the school board will not be a real issue anymore. 

Omaha Public Schools have always had a problem with how far away a student must be to attend school. For example, at Alfonza W. Davis Middle School, to attend, living one mile away is the only way to attend, or to get a bus to schoolWith this new policy, that will not be a problem anymore 

Because there are two new schools being built in the middle of nowhere. There was no way that students would be able to go to school without a bus or a car ride. However, there are not a lot of residential areas near it, so it would be impossible to get students on the bus rides. So, OPS has been working together to find a solution to this.  

Their solution is to set a policy that will help students with student transportation. The policy states that if students live around the OPS area, bus transportation will be possible for students. 

“This will definitely allow me to get a ride home from games and I’m excited that it is coming so soon,” junior Zyairah Gamble said.  

With this new transportation option, students who want to attend a school for their sports achievements can go to that school and get transportation to and from school. This opens up a lot of opportunities for students to get more options for which school they want to pick.