Benson Baseball Uniforms are making a Comeback

Tah Si Soe Thaw, Reporter

Three years ago, a decision was made by the athletic directors and administration from both Benson and North High Schools to have their baseball teams combined. The goal in mind at that time was to help grow both of the programs.

During the first two years as a combined program, each of the three teams, varsity, junior varsity and reserve, wore North’s uniforms and held practices and games at the North High facilities.

This year however, that is changing.  No longer will all the teams in the program wear North’s uniforms. This year the reserve team will wear Benson’s uniforms to reinforce that this is a co-op program and not just North’s. They want clear representation from both schools.

This doesn’t mean that the two schools will no have a combined program.  The co-op teams have benefited both schools.

“I think the most positive part of combining programs has been the been the fact that players from Benson and North are able to experience what it’s like to play baseball with a much larger number of athletes than either school would have individually,” baseball coach Douglas Flegle said. “A larger number of players tends to create more competition over positions and playing time and ultimately helps to develop and improve our athletes.”