Jade Reed- Maverick In The Making

Michael White, Reporter

Just because COVID-19 has affected lots of people negatively doesn’t mean there aren’t any good things happening. For example, Senior Jade Reed recently won a scholarship to the University of Nebraska.  

Reed is an outstanding student who attends Benson High School. Reed is on the cheerleading squad and as a requirement keeping grades up is a necessity to stay on the squad.  

Reed stepped up right to the plate and juggled cheerleading, keeping grades up, and applying for colleges. Her hard work paid off because Reed won the Maverick in the Making scholarship.  

The Maverick in the Making scholarship is gained by applying for the form and classmates and teachers recommend that person for the scholarship. If they win they gain $1,000 each year for accumulated four years maximum of $4,000. 

“I didn’t really expect to win, but I’m glad that it will help me reach my goal of going into a criminal justice program,” Reed said.  

Reed wasn’t always sure that she would go into the criminal justice program but after researching it she realized that it was her passion.  

Students and teachers in Reed’s class nominated her for the scholarship making it even more possible for Reed to get the scholarship.