Fall Sports Will Not Make Comeback During Spring

Lorena Loza, Editor-in Chief

This school year fall sports were cancelled due to safety concerns over COVID-19. For some time, there was a glimpse of hope that those sports would be rescheduled to spring but now they have been declared cancelled for good.

The announcement those sports would not be played came in August, but not much was said per the district months later. Now that spring sports are in full swing, it is clear fall sports are not going to happen.

Athletic director Melinda Bailey said it was unfortunate that seniors who played fall sports were deprived of it their final year, but that it doesn’t stop them from having opportunities offered to athletes.

“Seniors can still apply for scholarship for athletics, this would not affect their admission into a college,” Bailey said. “Many colleges know this is a difficult situation and have waived some admission requirement.”

Other seasons of sports were unaffected but do have to follow certain restrictions to ensure safety during this pandemic. Those entail a smaller crowd, wearing masks while not playing, etc.

The decision was made with the safety of student-athletes in mind, many are upset regardless. It can only be hoped that next school year sports will return for all seasons and with less restriction since COVID-19 cases have slowly begun to decrease and the country should be mostly vaccinated by then.