Remote Learners are Struggling, Here is Why One of Them Will Continue Anyway

Lorena Loza, Editor-in Chief

For various reasons, many students have opted to do fully remote learning this school year. Senior Amya Buhrow has been doing remote learning since the beginning of the school year, she doesn’t want to expose her mom that is high-risk to the virus.

“Since the school can’t fully social distance us and might not enforce people to wear their masks right all the time I’m not willing to risk it,” Buhrow said.

For her it was rather easy to find a space to do her learning and has been able to have freedom of when she does her schoolwork.

“Remote learning is working for me, as long as I pay attention and I keep up with my assignments, I’m still learning,” Buhrow said.

That certainly means there’s no downfalls to learning remotely, many students are struggling to keep up and need in-person help from teachers or now don’t have anyone to socialize with throughout the day especially if they stay home alone.

“For me I just really miss socializing with my friends, having to text them just isn’t the same,” Buhrow said. “It’s what we have to do for now though, it’s definitely not safe to be meeting up to see friends.”

Buhrow has noticed that many students are struggling in online-only learning because they lack the same amount of accountability they had prior. They don’t have to face their teacher asking them for their assignment.

“It’s wasting time in class when teachers have to remind kids to turn in their work but it happens all the time,” Buhrow said. “It’s their responsibility to do their work and they have to be held accountable but it’s more difficult when the student is behind a screen and at home.”