Just Say No to Yogurt Soda

To show a picture of the yogurt soda.

This is the picture of the yogurt soda at the Asian Market.

Tah Si Soe Thaw, Reporter

If disgusting could be summed up into two words, it would be ‘yogurt soda’. As its name states, this drink is a combination of soda and yogurt. While the name may make some curious, it would be a better idea to just not try it at all, unless you want something to write about.
The moment you take a sniff of it, the smell of the mixture smells horrendous. There’s not a certain way to describe the smell, it was sour, yet it also smelled spoiled. The drink smelled like a soda nor did it have fizzy carbonation bubbles forming in it.
If the smell wasn’t enough to throw one off, the taste sure will. With this, two strong flavors clash against each other. The sour taste of the yogurt hits immediately, and it’s more sour than what regular yogurt is. Surprisingly, the drink was very salty and the soda flavor never came.
The taste of the yogurt soda lingers in your mouth for far too long, even if you only take a sip or two.
Though the bottle did claim yogurt soda had health benefits, the product lacked even a good flavor. I would not go to the Asian Market to purchase this again.