Estima balances it all

Michael White, Reporter

Being a regular student at Benson High Magnet School is simple. But when doing sports and extracurricular activities is added to the mix of homework and chores. Some people would not be able to handle all the stress that came with that. But, senior Kiera Estima is prepared for all that and more.  

Estima is a player on the basketball team. She is not fully remote so she can play on the team. But, Estima has a lot of stresses on her.  

Keeping up her grades, going to practice, and doing stuff at home has been tough, but from years of practice and patience Estima has gotten used to it.  

“Practice is the same as it would be without COVID, tough.” Estima said 

Estima usually gets off practice late because of all the drills that the team does. Then, Estima must go home and start doing assignments