Covid 19 Hurts Athletes Academically

Michael White, Reporter

COVID-19 has affected many people by forcing students to go online and learn from home. Yet, what is not mentioned as much is how COVID has affected student athletes. Nebraska has a high standard for its athletes and meeting the requirements, especially working from home, is difficult 

To play on any of the teams’ students must be in the 3:2 model or 100 percent of the time at school when students come back. The school gives paperwork out to students to make sure that they are eligible to play. If the proper paperwork is not filled out players cannot play.  

Academically speaking to be able to play, students must be enrolled in three to four blocks per day. Then pass the class with a C or above. If these standards are not met, then playing is not an option.  

Melinda Bailey, Athletic Director, says that if students are having trouble keeping up their grades, they can seek help from school tutoring. Whether that be at school or online after school.  

Tutoring is every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:15-4:00 though the tutors stay a little while longer up to 4:30 if somebody needs help 

I believe tutoring is much more difficult online than in person,” Jennifer Wittry, math teacher and tutor, said 

Wittry said that in-person it is more personal, and students do not feel embarrassed to ask questions. While with online tutoring, it is harder to get students to communicate.